Knight in love.

Image credits -Google. She didn’t need a knight in shining armour, she wanted to be the armour for the knight. A armour that he respected and trusted. A armour that he would never leave because it’s not just his shield of protection but its a part of him. She wanted to be that part of […]

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Tribute post.

Drifting off internally,  But all smiles and happening externally,  The life of a man who had to smile just for the sake of camera,public and the glam industry. Constant pressure to pretend feeling the best even when he was not,finally giving up on life was what he laid his hands on. Pathetic , unfortunate but […]

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Beautiful trauma. 

Under the moonlit sky ,  Gazing at the window that casts a shadow of moon Revelling in the wide expanse of the sky I watch invisible trail of memories on the window pane. The hustling of wind The eerie calmness of the street The sudden chill in the air ,  The shiver caused by the […]

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Knowing your worth.

Haters gonna hate more and that’s their only job.😉 But you should never belittle yourself just because someone makes you believe your not wat you are . Remember that your beautiful in your own way nd you really gotta chill about people’s constant taunts , remarks and baseless opinions that hurt you. It hurts but […]

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Power in a powerless situation. 

You’re not wrong, It was not ur mistake,but He makes u feel like all of the fault was yours.  Then honey , don’t let the poison creep into your beautiful soul, So before the poison consumes you, you eradicate it from ur life. Because the power in a powerless situation is in your hands.  When […]

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Mini tale -28.

Her constant lies His unending patience ,  Lead to her realisation and  His strengthening of faith in change.  The thin line was trust. The magic potion that kept them binded was love.

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Random thoughts.

With a drooping soul and a tossed heart I wail in the night and when it dawns upon me that I still haven’t lost hope in love, I cry myself to sleep a little more everytime, begging for love and support. When the Little things am deprived of then what greatness does the luxuries in […]

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