You destroyed her identity ,  She came back with double the force and outpowered you. You stabbed her in the back ,  She came out strong like never before.  She learnt her lessons and stepped more wisely every time you wiped out her individuality.  She will vex you up by coming back for more and […]

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Mini tale-5.

“Are you a writer by profession ” ,  she asked.  “I am a writer by choice with unending passion” , he said with a smile that reached his eyes , happiness and satisfaction reflecting from within. 

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The story of an unknown GIRL. 

The frown that all gave when she was born,  As years passed she turned into everyone’s smile by getting compared to a goddess. She was worshipped by all but respect was still a question.  Worshipped but not freed , because God’s and Goddesses are confined to temples and so was she confined to the house. […]

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